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IAM Endorsed
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Asset Management Expertise

Woodhouse North America is the premier provider of asset management solutions world-wide for organizations focused on developing, maintaining and sustaining the infrastructure that drives their business. For over 25 years Woodhouse North America has been at the forefront of developing the modern principles of Asset Management and anchoring those principles with technical engineering, maintenance and operational expertise.

The SALVO Process
ISO 55001 Implementation

Processes & Consulting

Woodhouse North America’s processes and consulting services range from getting started, to integrating and embedding and for those seeking excellence in asset management.  No matter your current state, our team can help get your organization to the next level.

Woodhouse North America provides the resources of TWPL worldwide with its own personnel to ensure efficient delivery of services. Woodhouse North America consultants are all subject-matter experts and technical managers in their fields and apply their decades of experience and knowledge to your requirements.

The SALVO Project

Woodhouse North America provides asset management decision support using established best practices in the decision-making around the management of aging assets. The SALVO (Strategic Assets: Lifecycle Value Optimization) Project was a three-year collaboration set up to establish best practices in asset management decision-making.

Woodhouse North America Careers

We are a team of world leading experts and professionals operating regional offices in North America and Latin America, with our Head Office in Newbury, Berkshire UK.  If you would like to join us, please click below for current career opportunities.