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How do you change the culture of a large and traditional electricity utility in just 24 months? The answer lies in a very special approach to introducing asset management concepts, practices and tools for better decision-making. ISA CTEEP in Brazil has recently been recognized internationally for such a unique achievement, runner-up in the prestigious IAM Achievement Award for Innovation in Asset Management.

“Using TWPL’s expert asset management advice to assist our process of continuous improvement, we have been able to identify where changes to asset management based on the good practice principles of PAS 55 is likely to provide business benefit. By using TWPL’s input linked to an incremental approach and a thorough understanding of priority, we have been able to significantly improve business performance. The practical experience and pragmatic advice of TWPL’s consultants has been of great benefit.” John Watts, Head of Power Generation, Centrica

Victor Diez was runner-up in the 2018 IAM Individual Achievement Awards for Asset Management. His is a story about how the initial seeds were sown, a ‘business case’ established, how top management commitment was obtained, and how a group-wide rollout is being achieved – across multiple organizations with different cultures, starting points and environments.

Lise Tarpe-Johansen, Programme Leader for HOFOR’s Asset Management project, was awarded the 2018 IAM Individual Achievement Award for ‘Transforming asset management despite the absence for any burning platform, business urgency or regulatory obligation’.