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IAM Endorsed
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Coaching & Mentoring Senior Executives

Senior Woodhouse North America Consultants have, for many years, provided specialized coaching/mentoring to  CEO’s, Senior executives and Main Board Members.

Our unique depth of pragmatic experience is supplemented by our continual involvement and development in the daily changes occurring globally in the growing field of physical and holistic asset management.

TWPL global is led by Managing Director John Woodhouse, considered by many as the foremost leader/thought developer/culture change leader in asset management is the Senior Coaching/Mentoring leader. Senior Management have called upon TWPL to facilitate  and be the catalyst by focusing on holistic changes that need to be coupled with all the latest technical processes and innovations. John Woodhouse is one of the most widely known experts in integrated asset management. With a background in oil and gas upstream and downstream operations (Shell Expro in UK, Norway, Brunei, Netherlands) and major engineering (senior management positions in Kvaerner), he launched TWPL in 1995 as a consortium of former senior industrial managers to provide pragmatic advice and support in the embedding of good practices and development of asset management competences.

John is also a Founding Member, Council Member, Life Fellow and Chair of Experts Panel for The Institute of Asset Management (IAM). He was Project Director for British Standards Institute/IAM development of the PAS 55 standard for asset management. John was appointed a Principal Expert to represent the UK on the International Standard for Asset Management (ISO 55000 – published in 2014).

In 2017, he authored (and TWPL has sponsored), the development of a new guide for The IAM ‘Developing and maintaining a Strategic Asset Management Plan’ (SAMP) and the Asset Management Maturity Scale and Guidance.

John was personally recognized by the IAM at the annual dinner in November 2018, with the presentation of the IAM President’s Award, for a significant and sustained contribution to the IAM’s work and development of the asset management discipline.

Strategic Asset Management should be led from the very top and connected like interlocking jig saw pieces – easily talked about but not so easy to embed and implement

The Woodhouse North America team has over 25 years doing just that – from discrete reviews, to private mentoring, to on call advice and review, maturity assessing, potential risk pushback and resistance.