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The SALVO Process

We provide asset management decision support using established best practices in the decision-making around the management of aging assets. The SALVO (Strategic Assets: Lifecycle Value Optimization) Project was a three-year collaboration set up to establish best practices in asset management decision-making.

The SALVO Project

The SALVO Project mapped decision-making processes for a wide range of decision types. These processes define the steps needed to answer questions such as ‘When should I replace my aging asset?‘ or ‘Is it worth refurbishing to extend its life?’. These processes and steps for over 40 common decision types have been arranged into a storyboard approach, to make navigation simple and enable options to be compared in value-for-money terms.

The SALVO Process, supported by the DST ASSET STRATEGY EVALUATOR™ software, represents the world-leading decision making methods for optimizing asset management decisions in all life cycle stages.

For more information on SALVO and the software, please visit the Decision Support Tools website here»

The SALVO Project Video & Book

Hear from the sponsors and project leader about their challenges and findings. Click here» to see full video.

SALVO guidebook coverThe SALVO e-book, Asset management decision-making: The SALVO Process by John Woodhouse, explains what it takes to make the right decisions in the management of assets, not just in the steps and disciplines required, but also how to create a clear ‘business case’ to justify and communicate the outcomes so that everyone can agree on what is worth doing, when and why. You can buy the book on iTunes and Amazon.

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