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IAM Endorsed
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Asset Management Academy

Targeting, developing, aligning and assuring knowledge & skills in asset management.


The TWPL Asset Management Academy is the most experienced worldwide source of knowledge transfer and competency development in the life cycle management of physical assets.  We offer unparalleled levels of expertise in diagnosing requirements, planning and the delivery of learning at all levels of the organisation.  Our subject matter experts also offer extensive first-hand experience in corporate transformations, culture change and knowledge transfer methods.  Learn more about our proven methods (PDF)

Assessment & Planning

  • Proven methodology that harnesses the best bits of the IAM competencies framework with pragmatism, company-specific targeting and prioritization.
  • Assessment & planning toolkit developed over 10 years of successful implementations
  • “Train the assessor” coaching and support, enabling clients to be self-sufficient and maintain momentum

Competencies Development

  • Largest range of existing off-the-shelf courses in asset management: all target groups to all likely levels of requirement
  • Learning & Development Logbooks for capture of portfolio evidence: personal or corporate tracking.
  • Extremely flexible customization & bespoke course development, including enterprise-wide scalability, multi-cultural/lingual versions, coaching, e-learning, and ‘blended learning’.
  • ‘Train the trainer’ coaching and support, enabling efficient delivery of high volume programs.
  • Course franchising and licensing arrangements.

Typical Systematic Engagement

A typical program for a large organization would include

  1. Define the learning & development target groups (criticality-focussed roles x subjects)
  2. Identify pilot for specific groups or critical individuals (to calibrate process & train assessors)
    1. Define roles, required competencies (skills & knowledge) and their criticalities
    2. Assess current individual profiles
    3. Aggregate gaps and criticalities of gaps to prioritize training plans
    4. Review the process for refinement and local context/alignment opportunities
    5. Perform initial training to address identified gaps for the pilot group
  3. Plan and deliver rollout (over, typically, a 3 year period)
    1. Repeat analysis stage in each group
    2. Plan training mechanisms (blended learning mix)
    3. Consolidate critical gaps across groups to make training delivery efficiencies
    4. Deliver training, coaching etc.
    5. Track progress & effectiveness KPIs

We provide an integrated approach to competency development through requirements analysis, roadmapping, education, experience-building, mentoring and real knowledge transfer. As such, we are probably the most established and experienced provider of education and training in asset management around the world and we are proud to be one of the first asset management trainers to be endorsed  The Institute of Asset Management (IAM).

TWPL’s asset management education and training portfolio includes courses aligned to the IAM Competences Framework, PAS 55 and ISO 55000 asset management standards. Several of the courses are specifically recognized by The IAM – candidates on these courses have to pass a knowledge and understanding test to receive an IAM endorsed certificate.

With over 20 years of coaching, mentoring, tutoring and lecturing, we have developed a broad range of ‘blended learning’ approaches, ranging from formal academic programs to custom-built online learning and in-house teaching and a long list of specific, ‘niche’ subjects that have proven to be particularly valuable in raising personal and organizational performance.