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Woodhouse North America

About Woodhouse North America

Woodhouse North America is the Virginia-based North American subsidiary of The Woodhouse Partnership, the leading provider of Integrated, Optimized and Sustainable Asset Management solutions world-wide. Woodhouse North America’s techniques have evolved over 20 years of proven effectiveness in 28 countries and most industry sectors. We have been at the forefront of developing the modern principles of Asset Management (PAS 55 & ISO 55000) by anchoring those principles with an Integrated structured approach to people, processes and tools from real world experts with firsthand experiences.

Woodhouse North America has extended the management and technical framework of asset management decision-making process by developing and refining a flexible 6 step decision support process (SALVO) with an extensive toolbox of recommended best practices, analysis aids (DST) guidance and templates.

Woodhouse North America focuses the resources of TWPL worldwide with our North American based staff to provide not only efficient delivery of services but also internationally recognized, structured reviews and assessments led by real experts with first hand practical experience that identifies, protects and broadens existing good practices so that current strengths are built on, not displaced. Our core proposition is to offer an unrivaled range of experience in addressing competency issues, technical challenges and vital change management processes worldwide as a trusted, experienced and knowledgeable partner.

TWPL North AmericaOur 4-logo links represent the key asset types that must work together to make an effective system: physical, financial, human and intangible, all inter-dependent, robust and reliable.

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Our Services

  • ConsultingMaturity Assessments, Gap Analyses, Strategic Road Mapping and Transformation Programs, Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) Development; ISO 55000 Readiness Assessments
  • Asset Management AcademyOn Site, Public & eLearning, Training Coaching and Mentoring
  • SALVO & Decision Support ToolsMapped Decision-making processes/methods for quantifying risks, economic impact, ‘what if?’ exploration of options for cost/benefit and optimal timing.